Quebec news: Bluehost Cozies Up to Google

Bluehost customers in Mexico will now be able to seamlessly launch Google Apps for Work from their accounts. It’s part of an ongoing alliance between Bluehost’s parent company and Google, a relationship that for now clearly benefits both companies in several ways. Bluehost bloggers aren’t so sure about this move.

What is “Google Apps for Work”?

Google offers apps to help small business owners run their online businesses. These include:

  • Gmail spam protection
  • Gmail integrated calendars
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime for Gmail
  • no ads on Gmail
  • 30BG of storage for Gmail
  • Store and share files in the Cloud
  • HD video meetings software through Hangouts with up to 15 people
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites
  • Manage mobile devices from Google Admin

Currently most of this is free in the USA, except the business email address and the extra bit of storage you get online. You also get 24/7 phone and email support.

Is Google Apps for Work free?

No. Here’s what it costs: $5 per user per month or $50 per year per user. With unlimited storage and Vault, it’s $10 per user per month ($120 per year…no discount).

Vault is an archiving and “eDiscovery” platform created and operated by Google. It lets you preserve business emails way beyond normal retention periods, in case your business gets sued.

The eDiscovery component is an advanced file search program for files and email.

With the higher-priced plan you also get advanced admin controls for Drive, the cloud-based storage system operated by Google. You also get reporting insights for your Drive account.

So, BlueHost is helping Google sell its product?

Yes, that’s right. They’re making it easier for people trying to run businesses in developing countries to purchase Google products!

BlueHost is owned by the same company which owns other hosting companies. They are HostGator and BigRock. HostGator Mexico, in addition to BlueHost Mexico, offers the Google Apps for Work in its admin panel. They also offer the install from BigRock India accounts.

One click, seamless, easy and instant integration of a paid platform!

But BlueHost (and the other hosts) users won’t notice they’ve installed a paid service right away. Google Apps for Work comes as a free 30-day trial.

BlueHost parent company is excited…of course!

You can bet Google paid handsomely to get BlueHost, BigRock and HostGator, or their parent company Endurance International Group to integrate their product into the control panel of their hosting accounts.

Indeed, in a statement about the new relationship with Google, Endurance’s Mitch Haber said they were extremely excited. In his words, launching Google Apps for Work in India and Mexico would mean BlueHost would become a “true trendsetter” in emerging markets. “Emerging markets” is what used to be called “developing nations”.

Trendsetter or not, BlueHost is now playing in the big leagues with the likes of Google, thanks to its parent company. Look for even more “relationships” between BlueHost and Google or other big names in the near future. It seems to be where the industry is headed.

This is big news because it gets the community of Quebec thinking on a macro level with the Bluehost partnership. I would like to beleive that more tech companies in the Quebec area would lead to higher wages as well. So, from this blogger, I’m not mad.