Productive Study Sessions With Geniux Nootropics?

Undeniably, a strong memory and focus depends primarily on the vitality and overall health of the human brain. Aging, poor body health, reduced balanced diet and excessive alcohol or drug consumption are the primary factors that lead to a decline in brain’s cognitive abilities and performance. A healthy body and a smart brain is vital to a successful life; besides ability to carry out the activities of daily living, maintaining one’s profession, businesses and carrying out other personal responsibilities require an extremely active memory. There are numerous products and supplements used to boost the brain performance. Though some of these products are effective, others contain adverse side effects that may affect overall body health and cause hormonal imbalances.

Geniux Advanced Brain Formula is a nootropic dietary supplement and an advanced formula that can boost up brain performance, ensuring a smarter and sharper mind. Fundamentally, it enhances the cognitive abilities and boosts memory, increases energy levels and overall brain concentration; thus one remains fully energized leading to an entirely active day. Besides, it improves mental performance, alertness, and memory under stressful conditions. This incredible brain enhancer can be consumed by both genders above the age of 18 years.

Ingredients contained in a bottle of Geniux

Geniux contains, 20 essential 100% natural ingredients, which include antioxidants, vitamins, and nootropic compounds; they include royal bee pollen, manuka honey, caffeine, eleuthero extracts, propolis, and tyrosine that enhance the cognitive ability of the brain. The potent antioxidants destroy free radicals, aging, and traumas that may lower memory performance. The nutrients and vitamins provide the energy that boosts brain concentration for a long time without feeling fatigued.

This is How Geniux Works…

geniux brain supplementThe brain is composed of neurotransmitters, essential chemicals that relay nerve impulses in the brain and the entire body to facilitate the delivery of information. These nerves require an essential supply of nutrients to boosts their performance. Geniux contains the needed supplements that provide nourishment to the neurotransmitters thus ensuring the creation of new and healthy brain cells. Caffeine is an incredible neurotransmitter stimulant; it increases mental alertness and coordination.

Eleuthero extracts treat mental disorders such as bipolar disorder. It also acts as a sedative, which restores sleeping disorders; thus, one can concentrate for long hours without feeling sleepy or dizzy. Tyrosine supplement resolves phenylketonuria, a genetic disorder that may result in intellectual disabilities. Also, bee pollen acts as an appetite stimulant, improves prostate health, and reduces lung disease. The supplements increase the production of serotonin hormone that helps to regulate emotions, reduced stress and boosts brain performance.

Most importantly, these supplements improve blood flow and circulation, thus efficient supply of oxygen in the brain tissues which leads to provision of energy, reduced fatigue, and boosts overall body performance and health in the long run. Notably, Geniux reduces the risks of developing diseases such as Alzheimer, a brain disorder manifested through loss of memory.

Geniux – What to watch for…

Geniux supplements are purely organic and safe to use brain enhancer, thus do not contain any adverse effects on the body. However, patients under medication should seek consultation with the physician before consumption of the product. Lactating and pregnant women are advised not to consume the product. Propolis and bee pollen supplements may be allergic to some individuals.

The recommended dosage

Geniux is easy to use product available in the form of capsules, containing 30 or 60 capsules in each bottle; one consumes a pill with a glass of water every morning as prescribed. One should also take adequate amount of water to ensure efficient absorption thus more positive and tremendous results. Most importantly, one should avoid taking an overdose since it can lead to more adverse and severe side effects or even death.

Purchasing Geniux pure nootropic and brain booster Online.Geniux is always available on the front web page of Geniux Brain Booster, the official manufacturer’s website. The page provides various Brain Enhancer trial and instructions at the beginner’s guide to Nootropics section. The page contains affordable prices details and payment information. The following purchasing options are available;

1 Bottle, 30 capsules at $39
3 Bottles at $90 ($30 per bottle)
5 Bottles at $125 ($25 per bottle)
7 Bottles at $140 ($20 per bottle)

Conclusively, Geniux contains numerous benefits in the brain and overall body health and fitness. Primarily it’s an all natural ingredients product; it improves mental performance, concentration, increases memory recall and focuses, increase energy supply, heal damaged brain cells, and high cognitive performance and response. Importantly, to enhance the effectiveness of this product, it is important to take a healthy diet, memory engaging exercises and live a healthy lifestyle. Individuals addicted to alcohol and smoking should quit these habits since they are highly responsible for the decline in memory concentration and alertness.

Quebec news: Bluehost Cozies Up to Google

Bluehost customers in Mexico will now be able to seamlessly launch Google Apps for Work from their accounts. It’s part of an ongoing alliance between Bluehost’s parent company and Google, a relationship that for now clearly benefits both companies in several ways. Bluehost bloggers aren’t so sure about this move.

What is “Google Apps for Work”?

Google offers apps to help small business owners run their online businesses. These include:

  • Gmail spam protection
  • Gmail integrated calendars
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime for Gmail
  • no ads on Gmail
  • 30BG of storage for Gmail
  • Store and share files in the Cloud
  • HD video meetings software through Hangouts with up to 15 people
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites
  • Manage mobile devices from Google Admin

Currently most of this is free in the USA, except the business email address and the extra bit of storage you get online. You also get 24/7 phone and email support.

Is Google Apps for Work free?

No. Here’s what it costs: $5 per user per month or $50 per year per user. With unlimited storage and Vault, it’s $10 per user per month ($120 per year…no discount).

Vault is an archiving and “eDiscovery” platform created and operated by Google. It lets you preserve business emails way beyond normal retention periods, in case your business gets sued.

The eDiscovery component is an advanced file search program for files and email.

With the higher-priced plan you also get advanced admin controls for Drive, the cloud-based storage system operated by Google. You also get reporting insights for your Drive account.

So, BlueHost is helping Google sell its product?

Yes, that’s right. They’re making it easier for people trying to run businesses in developing countries to purchase Google products!

BlueHost is owned by the same company which owns other hosting companies. They are HostGator and BigRock. HostGator Mexico, in addition to BlueHost Mexico, offers the Google Apps for Work in its admin panel. They also offer the install from BigRock India accounts.

One click, seamless, easy and instant integration of a paid platform!

But BlueHost (and the other hosts) users won’t notice they’ve installed a paid service right away. Google Apps for Work comes as a free 30-day trial.

BlueHost parent company is excited…of course!

You can bet Google paid handsomely to get BlueHost, BigRock and HostGator, or their parent company Endurance International Group to integrate their product into the control panel of their hosting accounts.

Indeed, in a statement about the new relationship with Google, Endurance’s Mitch Haber said they were extremely excited. In his words, launching Google Apps for Work in India and Mexico would mean BlueHost would become a “true trendsetter” in emerging markets. “Emerging markets” is what used to be called “developing nations”.

Trendsetter or not, BlueHost is now playing in the big leagues with the likes of Google, thanks to its parent company. Look for even more “relationships” between BlueHost and Google or other big names in the near future. It seems to be where the industry is headed.

This is big news because it gets the community of Quebec thinking on a macro level with the Bluehost partnership. I would like to beleive that more tech companies in the Quebec area would lead to higher wages as well. So, from this blogger, I’m not mad.